Thibaut Delmotte  and his first tasting

Thibaut Delmotte and his first tasting

In 2004 the French winemaker, Thibaut arrives in Argentina as a tourist and decided to live in Salta. He makes contact with Donald Hess who was looking for a winemaker.
Donald welcomed him with a tasting: “Then I realized that more than a tasting it was part of the interview and the method Donald chose to know my palate and vision on wines. I had to rank 10 wines of the winery. I started criticizing the wine that was in the last place. My biggest surprise was that this wine was the first choice of most those present and was no other wine than 2003 Colome Malbec Reserva. However, Donald appreciates the critical views. For that reason and for having placed Estate Malbec 2003 in first place in my ranking, I had my chance and now I am winemaker at Colomé. “
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Winery Name: Bodega Colomé
Province: Salta