The savior that became (“deVino”) winemaker

The savior that became (“deVino”) winemaker

Like any other venture, the beginning of Valle de la Puerta winery was difficult. The year in which we began to build the winery speaks for itself: 2001-2002. It was an economic and political chaos that forced us to hire only three workers with a single domestic mixer and a ‘94 Isuzu pickup to finance the construction. Once the storm had been weathered, devaluation arrived in 2003 and our Australian winemaker, Ross, returned to his native country leaving us without someone to help us develop fine quality wines.

Winemakers of Mendoza, who had worked with us before, had no time to travel to Chilecito. The harvest was coming up soon and we did not have a winemaker. Until we spoke to Javier Collovati. He had assisted Ross during the first harvest. We said to him”you have to produce our wines!” and without hesitation he accepted the offer, like true winemakers do. Since then we say that our Savior became (“deVino”) a winemaker.

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Winery name: Valle de la Puerta
Province: La Rioja

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