The cat on the table

The cat on the table

Margarita, who works in the production area in the winery, told us that one sunny and quiet morning of June in which everything was going well, she went to her office and found a lot of important documents thrown on the floor and filled with stains… at first she could not understand what had happened there, but later, when she looked closely, she realized that the stains were in fact cat footprints! ¬†As if it were not enough, it turned out that Margarita found the cat sleeping comfortably under the radiator.

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Winery name: Bodega Gimenez Riili
Province: Mendoza

Malbec Top Design
Gimenez Riili Gran Reserva
GR Gimenez Riili Perpetuum

My Wine Story I
Perpetuum - Gimenez Riili