Naked wine

Naked wine

I was staring at the flames when she asked me to turn to see her. There she was, dressed and naked. In my mouth, wood was felt intensely, the aroma of wood burning. Red fruits, coffee, chocolate. The flavors of the wine kept the dinner alive. Her last garment flew at me suggestively. But something in its sensual way diverted it. Everything had seemed unpredictable since we met in that long- ago wine tasting. The garment went inevitably toward the small table alongside the hearth. It fell over the bottle, wrapped itself around its neck like she did around mine, flipped two times and fell softly upon the table. The most delicious wine of my life began to spill out like our laughter.

Today, we share not only the nights, but also the days. What happened after that, is ‘Reserva de Familia’ (Family’s Reserve).

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Winery name: Bodega Sottano
Province: Mendoza

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Reserva de Familia
Sottano Clásico Malbec