Ciao zio

Ciao zio

Approximately 3 weeks ago, a couple from La Plata – Buenos Aires visited us… the woman, Mrs. Zecchin , talked to us and remembered that her father once told her that the original surname was “Cecchin,” but when they came to Argentina, due to a compression or phonetic issue, they changed the first letter and remained so in their Identity Cards.

But the incredible fact was when Don Jorge Cecchin, who was 87 years old, founder of Bodega Pedro and Jorge Cecchin SRL, came up to us, the husband of the lady noticed the striking resemblance to Don George with his wife …

They had a good time talking and they shared more experiences in common … Travis – Castelfranco, the same places, the same stories … Ciao zio (Hello uncle!)

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Winery name: Pedro y Jorge Cecchin
Province: Mendoza