Chapter 1 – Our Land

Chapter 1 – Our Land

Say an old joke: “Peruvians come from the Incas, Mexicans from the Aztecs and Argentineans from ships”. This is not entirely true, but in my case is so true, Giuseppe ensure, “as God exists”.

Giuseppe Lanzarini, would be something like my grandfather’s great-grandfather. From his times to this day my family has worked the land and still does. That is why we belong to this land, our roots are in this country as the vine that we water, as the natives who inhabited it earlier.

This story begins around 1905, on a boat from Italy to Chile, Giuseppe and Emilia with their children looking for the abundance promised in this side of the world.

It continues: Chapter 2 – Modena

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Winery name: Bodega y Viñedos Lanzarini
Province: Mendoza