Cabernet Sauvignon 1987

Cabernet Sauvignon 1987

At harvest in 1987, exactly 100 years after the birth of Don Valentin Bianchi, founder of the winery, the plot number 7 of Asti estate (vineyard planted by him) yielded a Cabernet Sauvignon of outstanding features.

This remarkable coincidence made his son, winemaker Don Enzo, take the decision of bottling this wine without staying in oak or filtering, only centrifuging it.

The production amounted exactly to 7,000 bottles. All had the feeling that this wine would be a great exponent. Due to the striking recurrence of the number 7 in this product, the 7 best restaurants in Buenos Aires were chosen for its launch, and the few remaining bottles of it are only available there. The rest of this special product stay at the private cellars of the winery under lock and key, and only the Chairman of the Board has the key that holds the wine, the ultimate tribute to Don Valentine.

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Winery Name: Bodega Casa Bianchi
Province: Mendoza

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