Behind a great wine there will always be a great woman.

Behind a great wine there will always be a great woman.

Elea, the first Mendoza-Pereyra family’s grandchild, who, when was one year old, said “uva” rather than “Mom”. She testes the grapes and when she thinks they are rich, harvest starts. When she was 4, she learned to harvest, select berries and stomp grapes for her own “Baby wine”.

Natalia de la Mota, Elea’s mother, one day had an unexpected visit from English tourists, so she organized a tour around the vineyard and the winery. Since then, along with Maria Laura, she directs the reception and excitement program of foreign wine tourism.

In the winery, Natalia Urbina and Estela Aragon work with us. Their delicate and agile hands, made us be aware that they were the only persons prepared to dress respectfully and neatly the bottles of our wines, giving the final touch and hopeful of good sales.

Long live the Domaine St. Diego women!

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Winery name: Domaine St. Diego

Province: Mendoza