A prophecy for Malbec

A prophecy for Malbec

In 1994, I had the opportunity to meet Robert Mondavi (1913 – 2008) and his wife Magrit. Legendary and visionary winemaker of Napa Valley.

In 1991, he had developed a great red wine called Opus One, a blend whose composition has a small proportion of Malbec.

He made an unexpected visit to the Peñaflor winery and I was the winemaker who received him.
It was difficult because my English dialogue was very rudimentary. He defined the correct design of an Argentine Malbec wine: ”Color: Intense and deep red-maroon color, almost black. Bouquet: Intense ripe red fruit with soft touches granted by good-quality oak barrels. Palate: Juicy with a long sweetness and remarkable softness as “¡the newborn baby’s buttock!”

So far, it still takes to accomplish this prophecy winemaking. Some wineries and winemakers try and approach to it. Other ones still do not achieve a clear and simple expression of this mystical wine.

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Winery name: Domaine St. Diego
Province: Mendoza