A Job for Ants

A Job for Ants

The name Altos Las Hormigas (Ants’ Heights) has provoked curiosity since it was first created.

When our estate vineyard was planted in 1996, we faced a stiff altercation with the local ant colonies. The newly-planted vines provided tender sprouts that the ants couldn’t resist. We refused to poison the ants and started looking for natural ways to deflect their attention. During this time we noticed that the ants were the ‘real’ owners of the place and accomplished great tasks despite their miniscule size. It reminded us of the Argentine saying “un trabajo de hormigas” or “a job for ants” which describes a humble, patient and dedicated work. We admired this concept and decided to name our venture after the hard-working, team-playing hormiga.

The ants have moved on, but they are emblematic of our anecdotes and have become a symbol of good luck.

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Winery Name: Alto Las Hormigas Province: Mendoza