SOPHENIA Synthesis Malbec 2010

Datos técnicos

Tipo de vino:

Variedad de uva:
Cosecha: 2010
- Rabino, Rogelio

Notas de cata

Vista: Deep and intense ruby red color with violet dyes

Nariz: Concentrated floral notes- violets, roses- and spicy notes like black pepper, combined with ripe red fruits such as plum and blackberry. Its ageing in French oak barrrels confers elegant flavors of smoke and tobacco, melted with chocolate notes

Boca: In the mouth it is sweet and generous, giving way to a complete and concentrated palate with a long, fruity, and elegant finish


Guarda en roble: 12 months


Alcohol: 14,5%
Acidez total: 6 g/l
Acidez volátil: 0,55 g/l
Azucares reductores: 2,8 g/l
Extrácto: 31,2 g/l
Anhídrido sulfuroso libre: 35 mg/l
Anhídrido sulfuroso total: 100 mg/l


Temperatura de servicio: 16°C
Maridaje: Meat: Beef dishes Due to its aging in barrels, tannins are more intense, and so, salty meat or salty sauces are recommended

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Rabino, Rogelio

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Nombre: Rabino, Rogelio
Edad: 35
Educación: rogelio-rabino@estudios
Especialización en el exterior: rogelio-rabino@cargo

Visión sobre la vitivinicultura Argentina: rogelio-rabino@vision


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