Gestos Shiraz 2010

Datos técnicos

Tipo de vino:

Variedad de uva:
Cosecha: 2010

Notas de cata

Vista: Intense color, predominantly red and violet tones

Nariz: Red ripe fruits, tobacco leaves and spices

Boca: Full and concentrated. Red and blackberry fruits and chocolate


Guarda en roble: 6 months
Guarda en botella: 4 months


Alcohol: 14%
Acidez total: 4,8 g/l
Azucares reductores: 2,55 g/l


Maridaje: Lamb – goat - game meat – pasta with spicy tomato sauce

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Cabral de Almeida, Luis

Acerca del enólogo

Información personal

Nombre: Cabral de Almeida, Luis
Educación: [email protected]
Especialización en el exterior: [email protected]

Visión sobre la vitivinicultura Argentina: [email protected]

Historia del vino

Three wines that express the characteristics of two different terroir in a single grape variety.
Barrancas, at 700 metres a.s.l. provides maturity, color and body; Tupungato, at 1,100 metres a.s.l., freshness, structure and complexity.
Each single varietal wine is made fom identical proportions of Barrancas´and Tupungato´s grapes.
Their ageing in small oak casks and further rest in bottle keep and round the secrets of two terroirs.