Budeguer Patrimonio Malbec 2009

Datos técnicos

Bodega: Budeguer
Tipo de vino:

Variedad de uva:
Cosecha: 2009
- Mallea, Juan Manuel

Notas de cata

Vista: Bright red with purplish notes.

Nariz: The balance achieved between the wine and the oak allows us to appreciate fruity aromas such us, black cherry, ripe plum, blackberry and floral notes, typical of Malbec from Valle de Uco, and mixed with mild tobacco, chocolate notes and vainilla aromas provided by the oak.

Boca: Elegant with sweet and round tannins. Good acidity, a common characteristic from the region that gives longevity to the wine.


Fermentación alcohólica: Culture yeasts in stainless steel tanks.
Fermentación maloláctica: Spontaneous - native bacteria in new barrels.
Guarda en roble: 18 months


Alcohol: 14%


Guarda en casa: 8 años

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Mallea, Juan Manuel

Acerca del enólogo

Información personal

Nombre: Mallea, Juan Manuel
Edad: 45
Educación: [email protected]
Especialización en el exterior: [email protected]

Visión sobre la vitivinicultura Argentina: [email protected]

Historia del vino

As children are for a family, the true patrimony and legacy of our winery, are our wines.
After years of work, effort, dedication and love for the land of Mendoza, we decided to choose our best malbec grapes from Valle de Uco, to elaborate a great wine that represents us as a familiy and be an example of the greatest Argentine wines of this unique terroir in the world.


Stephen Tanzer (2012) 91