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Nueva APP: Wine Ville

March 27, 2015

“Wine Ville”, una aplicación para smartphones y tablets que recrea cómo convertirse en bodeguero a partir de unas viñas “heredadas” en competencia con miles de jugadores de todo el mundo,

What is behind the online wine sales?

March 17, 2014 by Laura Saieg

What are the most famous sites? What kind of online channels are there? And, how do they operate? All these are some of the questions answered in a report made by the Global Wine Spirits. See in this article, some details to bear in mind about this sales channel growing in the United States and Europe.

A worldwide analysis about wine blogs

February 10, 2014 by Claudia Ortiz

It is a research made by the Burgundy Business School and published by the “Observatorio Vitivinícola”, that analyzes the wine blogs in the world. It shows that most wine bloggers are men, aged between 26 and 40, and whose motivation is their passion and desire to educate consumers.

Two Major Trends for Winery Email Marketing in 2014

February 10, 2014

No matter how you look at it, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach consumers. See in this article two major trends to bear in mind in wineries’ marketing strategies.

5 Marketing Trends to Pursue in 2014

December 27, 2013

These are some of the major trends that marketing executives should bear in mind for the coming year.

A mobile app helps to choose wines for the Holidays

December 20, 2013

New technology assists consumers with selecting wines and finding the closest stores to purchase the products

Vinómanos, a mobile guide to know and buy Argentine wines

November 22, 2013

Free and created by three specialists of the country, it recommends drinks according to the occasion and consumers preferences.

Online Sales: a big opportunity for wineries

November 18, 2013

In this article, the number of users in the United States and China that buy through this channel.

Millennials changing face of wine industry in US

October 11, 2013

Millennials, who will replace the Baby-boomers as they retire, are drinking more wine than previous generations of young consumers, which is forcing the wine industry to rethink its marketing approach.