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Champagne region winemakers claim not to be so bad off

March 24, 2010 by Redacción

From the US, spokespeople for the 300 Champagne houses refuted media reports –among them one published by WineSur– which stated that there had been a marked slowdown in Champagne sales.

Argentina’s share in Canada on the rise

March 24, 2010

Out of Canada’s ten main bottled wine suppliers, only Argentina, Spain, Portugal and South Africa have increased their exports.

US imports from Argentina on the rise

March 17, 2010 by -

The value of bottled wine imports into the United States was USD 3,282 million during 2009, which represented a 13.5% fall with respect to 2008, when the imported value amounted to USD 3,785 million. The US imported 654 million liters in 2008 and 646 million in 2009, which amounted to a 1.3% drop in volume.

Wine exports in 2010

March 10, 2010 by -

Total wine exports during the first month of this year, measured by value, grew 26.7% in relation to the same month of last year, with an increase from USD 43.6 million to USD 55.2 million. However, the total volume exported during that period dropped by 2.23 million liters, that is to say, 9.1% with respect to last year.

Malbec exports on the rise

February 23, 2010

In 2009 the value of Malbec exports rose by 21.5% with respect to 2008, increasing from USD 194 million to USD 235 million. Malbec exports also increased by 23.4% in volume during that period, when 6.8 million 9-liter boxes were exported.

Moderate growth of bottled wines

February 10, 2010 by Laura Saieg y Soledad Gonzalez

Although 2009 was a difficult year for the Argentinian wine industry, bottled wine exports continued to grow. However, growth was moderate if compared with higher rates in the previous years, with only an approximate 10% rise in value and 2% rise in volume.

Wine slightly outpaces spirits in dollar sales and Argentina was the fastest growing import

January 20, 2010

Wine grew at a slightly faster rate than spirits in the second term of 2009, according to Nielsen scan data from food, drug and major market liquor stores in United States.

Increase in the average price of bottled wine exports

January 20, 2010

Between January and October 2009, bottled wine exports grew 10% in value and 4% in volume, compared with 2008. Consequently, the average price of these exports has increased 6%, since the average price in 2008 was 22.2 dollars per 9-liter case, while in 2009 this figure amounted to 23.7.