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WineSur.com is a bilingual digital media outlet designed to target the global wine community. It was born in Mendoza, Argentina, in 2007. Its mission is to contribute to the exchange of ideas and information in order to show the world the Argentinian viticulture. With its new 2.0 version, WineSur aims to generate a network of international readers who may interact with each other with the aid of technological tools.

Winesur.com is developed by Área del Vino, a company located in Mendoza, Argentina, which has been working from 1998 in Communication, Training and Consultancy Areas, offering a comprehensive service in order to take better business decisions.

Our specialized services

Newsletter: It provides readers with bilingual information about the international wine industry. It is a weekly online publication aimed at importers, specialized journalists and wine lovers from all over the world.

WineSur Guide: It is the most exhaustive and interactive Argentina wine guide, including useful information about Argentinian wines, grape varieties, winemakers as well as Argentinian winemaking regions.

Wineries: Institutional area including the history, wines and latest news about wineries.

Wine Tourism: Institutional area where companies related to the wine industry (wineries, restaurants and hotels) offer different tourism, cuisine and accommodation alternatives.

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